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gogo Kidz Universal Carseat Travelmate

IMPORTANT! We are closed this week for Spring Break. No orders will ship until MONDAY April 21st when we return.

Note: This is not the Carseat Travelmate MINI, this is the Standard Travelmate with inline skate wheels. The Mini had several problems (strong smell of rubber, squeakiness of wheels), and I have decided to only stock the excellent Standard version instead. Yes, you will have to pay a little more, but it is well worth it when you are schlepping kids through airports...especially if you are a mom traveling alone with one or more children. Trust me...get the one that works.

The gogo Kidz Carseat Travelmate converts your carseat into a stroller. It is easier and more convenient to use than anything else on the market. A ratcheting quick-release strap allows the Travelmate to be attached and removed from car seats in just seconds. This product is a definite must-have for parents traveling with small children.

Compare two airplane trips with a 2-year-old and his carseat: The first trip was WITHOUT the gogo Kidz Carseat Travelmate. We dragged our giant but beloved Britax Marathon around, along with our other luggage, and it was a huge pain. My son was on my back in his baby carrier, so that part was fine, but we had to rent a $3.00 cart at least twice just to transport the carseat to the check-in counter. My hand hurt, my shoulders hurt, I hated it.

Next trip was WITH the gogo Kidz Carseat Travelmate. Instead of carrying the carseat, I attached the gogo Kidz Carseat Travelmate and suddenly I had a fantastic stroller/luggage cart. I threw my carry-on luggage into the now-portable car seat, and getting around the airport was a breeze. On the return trip we were loaded down with boxes, and I put them ALL into the car seat and rolled them right up to the check-in counter. It was unbelievably easy in comparison to our previous flight.

Be sure to check out the new Carseat Travel Bag as well. This protective wheeled bag works fantastically well with all carseats, even fits larger items such as strollers.

If you take your carseat on the plane, the Carseat Travelmate becomes even more useful. There is no need to remove it, you just put the handle down and use the seat belt (get an extender) to secure the carseat. Plus, if you need a stroller at your final destination, you can convert your carseat into a stroller for your trip and avoid bringing both carseat *and* stroller.

  • Attaches to most carseats. See the current list below.
  • Eliminates the need to hand carry, rent or borrow a car seat at your final destination.
  • Keeps one hand free.
  • Model for sale is QRKIDZ, latest version with quick-release ratcheting strap.
  • Stores flat in the trunk or backseat of the car when not in use.
  • Closed Dimensions - 28" H x 17" L x 5" W
  • Fully Open Dimensions - 50.5" H x 17" L x 5" W
  • Handle Height Position One - 28"
  • Handle Height Position Two - 43.5"
  • Handle Height Position Three - 47"
  • Handle Height Position Four - 50.5"
  • Weight 5 lbs.
  • Easy mounting.
  • Wide wheels provide stability and steer beautifully.
  • Sturdy, soft 5" inline skate wheels with bearings provide an incredibly smooth ride.
  • Easily lifted into shuttles or trams
  • Weight limit is the same as car seat manufacturer standard.
  • Doesn't interfere with the airplane seat or the safety belt. You do not need to remove the Carseat Travelmate when you have your carseat installed in the airplane seat. I suggest that you ask the flight or gate attendant for the seat belt extender prior to attaching car seat on the plane. The seat belt buckle will connect in the middle of the back of the car seat, and it can be difficult to release the buckle at the end of the flight. Getting an extender will solve this problem.

Video Instruction Manual
Download PDF Instructions

 gogo Kidz Carseat Travelmate
GoGoBabyz GogoKidz Universal Carseat Travelmate with Wheels and Handle

Works for Dennis and Kimberly Quaid, and it can work for you too.

Will the Travelmate Fit My Car Seat?

First, the Travelmate does NOT fit infant carseats. The Travelmate only works with so-called "convertible" car seats that can be used past the infant stage, usually up to 45-80 pounds.

If you can carry it on your arm and click it into a base, it's an infant carseat. No dice. If it stays in the car, it's a convertible carseat. If you are due to travel soon, have an infant car seat and really wish you could use the Travelmate, my advice is to go ahead and get yourself a convertible carseat now. You can use it with even tiny babies, and a good one will last up to school age, so it's not like you aren't going to get your money's worth. Then you can use the Travelmate and easily travel with your carseat.

OK, so you have a convertible carseat. Great. Let's narrow this down further.

  1. Does your carseat have a seatbelt slot in back? You need a seatbelt slot in order to use the Travelmate.
  2. Is the back face of your carseat (the hard plastic part that contacts the seat) relatively flat in the middle, not curved or angled? You need the carseat's back to be flat in order to fit flush and secure against the flat face of the Travelmate and not wobble.
  3. Is the bottom of your carseat flat? There are two prongs on the bottom of the Travelmate that the carseat rests on, so the bottom shouldn't be curved or angled sharply. But this is not as important as the back face being flat.
  4. In general, you want the back of your carseat to be shaped like a letter "L" and have a seatbelt slot. That's it! See the video for details.

The following seats have been CONFIRMED TO FIT the GogoKidz Carseat Travelmate
This is not an exhaustive list, it just shows the carseats that have been tested and found to fit. This list will be expanded in the future as more carseats are tested.
  Advocate (70/CS)
  Boulevard (70/CS)
  Frontier 85
  Freeway (UK version)
  Marathon (70/CS)
  Royale (Australia)
  Roundabout (50/55/70)
  Chase LX
  Generations Booster
  Maestro Booster
  Momentum 65 DX/DLX
  Symphony Please contact GogoBabyz at or call 1-888-686-2552 if you own this seat and are interested in using it with the Carseat Travelmate. It requires the purchase ofan additional strap.
  Symphony 65
  Titan Deluxe
  Titan V
  Tribute VLX
  Tribute 5 Deluxe
  Triumph & Triumph 65
  Triumph Advanced LX
  Triumph Advanced DLX
  Alpha Elite Apex Booster
  Alpha Lux Convertible
  Alpha Omega
  Alpha Omega Elite
  Alpha Sport Vantage Booster
  Summit High Back
  High Back Booster
  MyRide 65
  Nautilus 3-in-1
  Platinum Cargo Booster
  Toddler Safe Seat (Step 2)
  Treasured CarGo
Eddie Bauer
  Deluxe 3 in 1 Convertible
  Deluxe Convertible
  Deluxe Enspira
  Summit Booster
  Safe Voyage
Safety 1st
  Air Protect
  Alpha Luxe
  Alpha Sport 3-phase
  Alpha Omega Elite
  Complete Air
  Como Convertible
  Pro Ride


Sunshine Kids
  Radian 65/SL
  Radian 80
  Radian XT/XTSL
Maxi Cosi
Orbit Baby
  Toddler Car Seat
  Smart Convertible
First Years
  True Fit Convertible
  Britax Parkway Booster
  Britax Booster Shadow
  Britax Parkway SG and SGL Boosters
  Evenflo Big Kid Booster
  Graco Highback Turbo Booster
  Cosco Scenera
  Cosco Pronto Booster
  Safety 1st Surveyor Highback Booster
  Maxi Cosi Rodi
  Eddie Bauer Auto Booster
  Combi Kobuk Booster
  Recaro Youngsport The Youngsport is compatible with model UNIQR if your seat is equipped with the latch system storage hangers located on each side of the seat near the bottom. To attach – hook the "J" bolts provided in the box to the hangers on the seat, feed them through the holes on the gogo kidz plate and tighten with the wing nuts.For further assistance or if you have the QRKIDZ model, please email GogoBabyz at or call 1-888-686-2552.
  Recaro Pro Sport Booster
  Sunshine Kids Monterey Booster
  Safeguard Go

Don't see your carseat on the list? Call Go-Go Babyz at 1-888-686-2552 for help with compatibility.

Comments or questions about the GogoKidz Carseat Travelmate?