The Portable Baby

The Portable Baby Wrap Carrier

"An essential baby item! I have used several types of carriers and a few different wraps and this one is hands down the best one. The material is light and breathable so baby (and you) don't overheat - I carried my newborn around in July in Phoenix in this. It's portable, easily stores in a diaper bag. It's washable! It's also pretty! I did not find it difficult to learn to use, it's actually much easier than the stretchy wraps. I also was able to tie it once and pop baby in and out several times before I felt the need to tighten it again. I can't recommend this enough."
- TM from Phoenix, Arizona

"The fabric is a perfect blend of soft, stretch and support, and it's substantial without being bulky. The middle accent color marker is brilliant, saving time and energy, as is the stuff sack. I gave one as a gift, and although my girlfriend was initially a little intimidated, after being shown how to use it, she is now in love with her wrap. I wore her son for over an hour while vacuuming and was very impressed. I've been a babywearer for over 3 years, having tried many styles of carriers and this wrap is perfect. I can't wait for more friends to have babies as I plan to give these to everyone I know."
- Mira from San Jose, CA

"I was looking for a baby carrier to help us on our upcoming 3 week vacation to Ecuador with our baby Sara, then 6 weeks old. We had a 14 hour trip ahead of us, with a 3 hour layover in the Miami airport and I just knew that I would need my hands free to juggle tickets, luggage, etc. My biggest worry was the flight home since I would be traveling alone (my husband was staying an additional 2 weeks). Only a few days before our trip, I visited Laura at The Portable Baby to try on the Portable Baby Wrap carrier. It took a few tries, but Baby Sara finally took to the carrier. Before our trip we practiced walking in the carrier around the neighborhood to make sure she was used to it. The fabric was light and I didn’t feel too hot wearing it.

During our travel day, I used our carrier in the airports and on the plane and even in the bathrooms. Our flight to Ecuador turned out to be even longer than we had planned (18 grueling hours). Sara spent many hours in the sling that day, as our flight was delayed and then we had to change planes in a different terminal. On the way home I was so glad that I had my baby carrier. Our departing flight was delayed 2 hours which meant I would only have 1.5 hours in Miami for our connection. In Miami I gathered our luggage in baggage claim, passed through customs and security and ran to our gate. We made our flight, but by only minutes. I could not have done that return flight without my baby carrier.

The carrier was very easy to travel with. The stuff sack was convenient…we just stuffed the carrier in the sack when finished and pulled it out when we wanted to use it again. And it didn’t take up too much room in our carry on. Learning to tie on the wrap and place baby it in was a snap. After practicing a few times in front of the mirror at home, I was able to do it confidently. When we arrived home I washed and dried the carrier. It’s as good as new. I’m so happy to have had it during our trip and now use it when we go grocery shopping or for a walk around the block. I even learned how to tie the carrier so my baby can be forward facing. It truly was a lifesaver!"
- Jennifer Bush, San Jose, CA

  • Our unique fabric is 96% cotton/4% Spandex. The fabric used for this wrap is custom woven by specialists in India to meet The Portable Baby's specs for a lightweight, crisp, tightly woven cotton fabric with stretch only in one direction, across the width.
  • Your wrap will stay sleek and snug, won't bag, sag, or loosen up while wearing!
  • Lightweight, strong, breathable, and quick-drying.
  • Slim-fitting fabric is great in hot weather, or under a winter coat. No excess bulk.
  • Packs down to a small size, stays clean and contained. Keep your wrap handy in your purse or diaper bag. Great for travel.
  • Middle of wrap is clearly marked with satin for quick, easy ties.
  • Matching satin storage bag included. No need to fold your wrap first, simply grab it and start stuffing it in the bag unil it's all inside. Satin bag keeps your wrap clean and contained between uses.
  • All-fabric wrap means extra buckles, straps or failure points.
  • Wrap measures 5 yards long, 23 inches wide
  • Machine washable and dryable. Wash on warm or cold, with your favorite detergent. Do not bleach.
  •  Colors